Julianna Rose Mauriello pictures


Julianna Mauriello










17 Responses to “Julianna Rose Mauriello pictures”

  1. keaton rehm Says:

    i watch your show all the time im keaton im only 3 years old im not writing this my sister stephanie is shes 12 years old im just telling her what to write you rock i love you!

  2. luchia y noel Says:

    Dígale (su) robbie que pone un pleito(traje) menos exacto, para el cual los huevos son obvios él. ¡¡Ya que usted da clases (muestran) las bragas constante usted hace la última cosa atractiva a robbie le dicen (ella) a sportacus que hace un liftin bessos a él (ella misma, sí mismo) los que le aman muy!!!! ¡¡Jajajjajjaja prostituta!!

  3. Juliana Says:

    Hello, I am 11 years old , I am your fah, I live in Brazil and my name is Juliana too.
    I’d like to have you in my Orkut. kisses to you ..

  4. samü Says:

    hello szeretlek

  5. Symmon Says:

    Hi ! my name is Symmon and I’m falling in love with you,
    come to ma adress if you wanna know me…

    (but I’m french boy^^)

  6. Cecília Says:

    Hi, my name is Cecilia Cunha. I am 9 years. I live in Belém do Pará, Amazônia, Brazil. I love Lazitawn and wanted you back. If you want to add me to your blog, I would enjoy. Kiss.

  7. Karim Says:

    Salut Stéphanie, je te souhaite beaucoup de succès.

    Karim, 3 ans

  8. maricielo Says:

    soi una fans numero 1
    eres una gran estrella

  9. kevin Says:

    hi julianna my name is linda i can tell you when you do the bing bang song i got up and did the same but when you did the high kick well i fell over. can you give me some advice how to do them when you got time love linda age 20 years old lives in England. can you tell me some think babe am i too old for lazy town can you let me no hun

  10. kokids' me2DAY Says:

    시답지않소이다의 생각…

    요즘 EBS에서 또 해주는 강철 수염과 게으른 동네를 아들때문에 가끔 보는데 여기 나온 스테파니(본명 Julianna Rose Mauriello) 팬들이 찾아보니 꽤 많다. 근데 이젠 정말 숙녀네. 벌써 스무 살이라……

  11. Otavio Says:

    Julianna I am Otavio Neto I am live in Natal Rio Grande do Norte Brazil
    I’m not a fanatic fã but i know that you don’t like by the fact that you don’t known me but you are the woman of my life i’m not chasing you but i’m falling love for you this should be what every guy say but i’m REALY love you 😦

  12. Otavio Says:

    i’m sad because you don’t love me 😦

  13. eduard Says:

    hola mi hija valeria de 5 añitos le encanta mucho el programa de entretenimeinto lazytown en especial a Stephanie y Sportacus, no se pierde ninguno por discovery kids de verdad que es un buen programa ya que les encata a los niños felicitaciones desde venezuela.

  14. AILA Says:

    Hi my name is Aila im 11 years old,
    My sis likes ur song called twenty times, She’s only 10 months ,She’s called Andrea and she likes listening to kids music specially Mickey Mouse the club house……
    :-} :-]………..XOXOXO………:-]

  15. Lee Says:

    lvgould2@yahoo.com I thank every thing you do is beautiful . You are the sweets Angel I know . I would like to kiss you like you have never been kissed before .LOVE YOU MORE AND MORE .

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